Worried About a Flat Tire with No Spare Tire? No Problem!

Getting a flat tire, a puncture, or a slow leak can really ruin your day.

It can happen at any time, whether you’re going to the mall or travelling across the country: you drive over a nail or screw that has fallen into the road, and it becomes embedded in your vehicle’s tire and causes it to go flat.

Obviously, that is the kind of scenario for which your vehicle was probably equipped with a spare tire. However, most modern vehicles come with compact spare tires that can only be driven for a short distance and to a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Also, many newer cars leave out a spare tire in an effort to reduce weight and increase fuel economy. 

You may actually do better by performing a do-it-yourself roadside repair on your punctured tire. While that sounds like a daunting task, it is surprisingly simple and, unlike replacing a damaged tire with a spare, you can make such a repair without even taking the wheel off the car.

If you would like the added peace of mind of being able to make your own tire repairs en route, keep reading, as we’ve compiled a list of the best tire repair kits you can buy.

Emergency Tire Repair Method

How It Works

Price: 18,000

1. Thread design: Easy to grind tire wounds, which makes it easier for patch bars and tires to blend together
2. Compact: small and portable, carry it with you
3. Material: durable, wearable
Tool set: 1 bottle of tire glue, 5 tires, 1 bit, 1 thread drill
Tool: 1 plug bit 1 thread drill bit


Please ensure you are FULLY ready for this ORDER and the money to pay at the point of Delivery is available before placing your order.

Kindly Don’t Place an order if you would be traveling soon, or you are not financially ready to receive the order in 2 – 3 days.

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