Don’t Let Snoring Destroy Your Health and Your Relationship

Your partner snores, and you try to ignore it but it’s louder than your alarm clock.  You can’t sleep while they snort and gasp for air and sound like a buzzsaw all night long.  

You toss and turn all night.

You try to fall asleep first, but the occasional snort jolts you awake so you put a pillow over your head.

It’s not enough.

You try using earplugs, but they’re uncomfortable. You give your partner a little shove or push them to their side and maybe they stop for a few minutes. Precious minutes that let you fall back asleep for a while, but you eventually wake again.

It’s a vicious cycle. A cycle you can’t seem to break. Yet the impact on your health and your relationship’s health relies on breaking that cycle.

If you or your partner consider snoring a mere annoyance, or perhaps an unavoidable nighttime event, think again.  A partner’s snoring is a lot more than a mere annoyance. In fact, their snoring it’s a sign of something potentially far more serious.

Snoring Can Be A Serious Issue For Both The Snorer And The Partner

It’s easy to make light of what it’s like living and sleeping with someone who snores. Picture the frustrated partner lying wide awake in bed beside a slumbering and clueless snorer, contemplating the possibilities for revenge. Banishment to a spare bedroom? Maybe the garden shed would be better.

The truth is, snoring can be a serious issue for both the snorer and the partner. While the health effects of snoring, and the often-related sleep apnea, have been well documented, less attention is paid to the impact it can cause to your partner.

Snoring Lead To This Health Related Issues

1. Hearing Loss: While the noise from a snorer might seem like a chainsaw, the average sound doesn’t quite reach that level. However, it’s still loud enough to damage hearing. Studies have found that snoring can cause noise-induced hearing loss, especially in the ear that’s usually closer to the snorer. In fact, sleeping next to a snorer could be equivalent to sleeping next to an industrial machine.
2. Sleep deprivation: Sleeping with a snorer can disrupt your sleep 21 times every hour. These disruptions may cost you an hour of sleep every night.
3. Memory and Focus: An occasional sleepless night isn’t usually cause for alarm, but prolonged periods of interrupted sleep can lead to daytime drowsiness, anxiety, distractibility, decreased performance and alertness as well as memory and cognitive impairment.
4. Anxiety and Depression: Sleep deprivation has an even stronger effect on mood. A lack of quality sleep can lead to an increase in the production of the stress hormone cortisol
5. Weight Control: While we know exercise and nutrition play key roles in weight maintenance, it’s becoming more clear that poor sleep is a risk factor for obesity. A lack of sleep increases the amount of insulin secreted after eating a meal, promoting fat storage
6. Cardiovascular Disease: Poor sleep on its own is also associated with a risk of cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and stroke. In fact, just one night of sleep loss has been shown to increase blood pressure in healthy people
7. Relationship Health: Many couples resort to “solutions” like earplugs or even sleeping in separate rooms to deal with the stress of snoring distancing them from one another and building feelings of resentment.

The good news is that once snoring is properly addressed, relationship health and other health related issues often returns to normal showing increased marital satisfaction and quality life.


Anti Snoring Strap

Easy to Use
-- Sling the one-piece strap over your face and around your chin
Adjustable Size
-- One size fits all, adjust straps in chin and neck back
Instantly Stops Snoring
-- Your jaw is held firmly in place with the Velcro straps.
Perfect Positioning
-- Ideal jaw positioning combined with a closed mouth effectively prevents the tongue and throat tissues from falling back and blocking the airway.
Comfortable Sleeping
-- The end result is a quieter, snore free night. No more waking up with a dry mouth and throat.
Comfortable Material
-- The soft and comfortable fabric will ensure your face doesn't get irritated resulting in a great night's sleep.

Price: 18,000

How It Works

  • Before: People tend to sleep with their mouth open without chain strap, which partially closes your upper airway and causes you to snore.
  • After: The anti-snoring chin strap gently holds your jaw closed while you sleep, which allows the airway to remain open to prevent snoring.
  • Snoring is a huge red flag for a serious disorder called sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea can rob couples of sexual intimacy. It doesn’t just affect men either. Women are affected as well.  So if intimacy is an important aspect of your relationship with your partner, addressing the problem is key.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Is it comfortable, can you sleep normal when you have around your head?

    Yes it is comfortable and it make you sleep comfortable.


    I am a heavy mouth breather how strong is this strap?

    Our  Chin Straps are made with Hook 'N Loop Straps for a tighter fit. We also used the best quality material to make sure of it's sturdiness. Your happiness is our main priority,


    Husband has full beard will it stay on?

    The chin strap is made with the best quality material, and strongest Velcro strap possible. A lot of people with beards have had success with it


    Is it washable?

    Yes, it can be wash, buy please do not use hot water, keep HOOK and LOOP connected together before washing.


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